Syncing Klaviyo to Justuno

This article will cover how to connect Klaviyo to Justuno, available functionality, and any additional requirements.

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Justuno & Klaviyo summary
Requirements & functionality
Syncing lead capture workflows to Klaviyo
Miscellaneous notes

Introduction to Klaviyo & Justuno

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that specializes in email and sms marketing communication for ecommerce brands. Once connected, users can automatically pass any new contacts and associated data collected by Justuno to a specified list within Klaviyo.

Requirements & Functionality

Integration Type: API key
Go to your Klaviyo settings, then API Keys, and create a private api key with either of the following permissions:
 - Full access
 - Limited key with access to Lists, Profiles, and Subscriptions.

Where to use this integration:
Workflow builder

Properties synced to Klaviyo by default:
The following Justuno properties are automatically synced to their corresponding Klaviyo contact properties and are updated when a visitor subscribes via a Justuno form:

Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 9.46.11 AM

Syncing your workflows to Klaviyo

  1. Connect your Klaviyo account to Justuno (learn how to do that here). Once Klaviyo has been authenticated, go to your desired workflow, and click Edit Workflow. Once in the workflow builder, click the design step containing the form you wish to sync.
  2. Click the Sync to App button within the design card. You should see the Klaviyo logo and an "Add" button. Click the add button
  3. Select an email list to subscribe new email contacts to, as well as new SMS subscribers (when using the mobile number field in your design). If desired, change the subscriber source (passes to $source in Klaviyo).
  4. (Optional) If you'd like to pass additional Justuno properties to Klaviyo, you can click Sync Another Property. You can choose a Justuno property, then you'll type in the Klaviyo property in the field exactly as shown in Klaviyo, i.e. "coupon_code". If the field labels do not match exactly, the property will be passed as a custom property in the Klaviyo profile.

  5.   Click Save. You should now see the Klaviyo logo in the design card.

✔️ Notes:

The sync to app button will only appear if there is a button in the design with an click action set to Submit Form. If you do not see your sync to app button within the design card in the workflow builder, please confirm your submit button settings in the design studio. You can learn more about building lead capture designs here.

Miscellaneous notes

At minimum, one of either email address or phone field is required for the integration to subscribe profiles. Be sure to always include at least one of these fields in your design.