Build entire experiences using workflows and configure your if/then conditions, sync preferred apps and add advanced segmentation.

At a glance:
Accessing Workflows
Getting Started 
Actions and Triggers

Last update 04/28/2022


The new Workflows feature is similar to building out the Rules in our previous version but has a visual representation of the way your actions and triggers interact. This is a powerful tool that will let you hone in on your audience and their experience on your site.

Accessing Workflows


Workflows can be found in your Experiences Section.


You can edit existing Workflows by clicking the Options menu which will present this list:chrome_dn6fZ3Xlh9

Getting Started



To get started, click the blue Create Workflow. You will be presented with three options, Blank Workflow, Template Library, and Import Workflow.

Workflows Page

Blank Templates will bring you to a screen where you can specify a name and a description, and then you will be able to add in the desired Triggers (link to Triggers: Overview).

Template Library will take you to the collection of prebuilt Workflows that you can choose between for quick construction.

Import Workflow allows you to import a file of a workflow that's been exported from another account. The file can be exported in the Workflows section by clicking options on the Workflow and then selecting Export. This will download your Workflow as a .JST file.

Actions and Triggers

When starting from scratch with a new blank workflow you have the ability to mix and match different actions and triggers to outline the interaction for your traffic. First, let's take a look at the available actions.

Available Workflow Actions


If/Then - Allows you to set up your Triggers

Promotion - Select what Promotion to show at a specified point of the visit.
Segment to Update -

Workflow to Enroll -

Webhook - Connect your existing API.

Multivariate Test: Select the number of promotions or conditions you would like to test against each other. *
Delay - Specify the amount of time the visitor should be there for the foregoing steps to take place.
Connector - This allows you to add another branch to connect actions.
Code -  A place for custom code to affect the workflow 

Connect Apps / Apps - Connected apps for setting up ESP and SMS connections. Click Connect apps to connect your provider