Syncing Listrak to Justuno

This article will cover how to connect Listrak to Justuno, available functionality, and any additional requirements.

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Justuno & Listrak Introduction

Requirements & Functionality

Syncing Lead Capture Workflows to Listrak

Data Transacted

General Notes

Introduction to Listrak & Justuno

Listrak is a marketing platform that specializes in email and SMS marketing communication for e-commerce marketers. Once connected, users can automatically pass any new contacts and associated data collected by Justuno to a specified list within Listrak.

If you have any questions about this integration, contact our support team via ticket or your Justuno Strategist via email for further direction or full set up.

Requirements & Functionality

Create an Email Integration in Listrak
Clients will need to create an Email Integration in Listrak, this will provide the user with credentials required to connect which are the CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET.
When creating the Email Integration, the ACCESS LEVELS that are required to be checked would be LIST, CONTACT, EVENT, SEGMENTATION.
Clients will also need to check the box for DISABLE IP ADDRESS WHITELIST
Where to use this integration:
Workflow builder

Syncing your workflows to Listrak

  1. Connect your Listrak account to Justuno (learn how to do that here). Once Listrak has been authenticated, go to your desired workflow, and click Edit Workflow. Once in the workflow builder, click the design step containing the form you wish to sync.
  2. Click the Sync to App button within the design card. You should see the Listrak logo and an "Add" button. Click the Add button
  3. Select an email list to subscribe new email contacts to.
  4. Click Save. You should now see the Listrak logo in the design card.

✔️ Notes:

The sync to app button will only appear if there is a button in the design with an click action set to Submit Form. If you do not see your sync to app button within the design card in the workflow builder, please confirm your submit button settings in the design studio. You can learn more about building lead capture designs here.

Data transacted

The customer data sent from Justuno to Listrak contains:

  • User data, like your user first and last name, user phone number, email address and address
  • User subscription data, for example if or not they have chosen to receive marketing communication and which medium they have chosen for communication
  • Campaign data, such as the campaign name, conversion data, campaign engagement metrics, which includes impressions, time spent, bounce rate, and campaign analytics
  • User event data, which includes the type of the event, like sign up, abandon cart, unsubscribe and others, event timestamp, i.e. the time of the event, and event parameters, for example the purchase amount, any discounts or promotions applied, the device is use and others
  • Personalization data like user preferences, behavior data and segmentation data

Learn more from the experts about different zero & first party data to capture and use from our ebook.

General Notes
  • The Add to Segment section in the app setup in Justuno's Workflow is the Listrak List's Field groups. You can pull in multiple field groups and can individually map a field to a Justuno Profile Property.
  • In terms of SMS, our integration allows clients to collect email profiles at minimum. So if clients wish to collect phone, they will need to include the email field in the design. If the form is multi step, as long as the email is in one of the steps, then that would work.