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Is Justuno slowing down my website?

No, Justuno does not increase website latency.

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Justuno loads widgets using an asynchronous technique. This means it does not block the loading of other content on your website and will not affect load speeds. Conversely, content that is loaded 'synchronously' must follow a queue, which Justuno does not do.

Example: A large image from a web server loads asynchronously while the website loads. Rather than block all content from loading until the image is fully loaded, the image loads asynchronously in the background allowing the rest of the website to continue loading. Unlike a relay race, this is a free-for-all to the finish line.

Corporations like Facebook, Google, & Twitter have long been using similar technology to run their various javascript codes. 

Note: If you still suspect Justuno is slowing your page load, use the Developer Tools built into your web browser to measure the network timeline.

Some online tools do not take into account the polling Justuno periodically initiates when a customer profile updates (after the page has finished loading), resulting in page loads appearing slower. It is not slowing down your site's initial page load.

Code Size Specifications:

  • The Justuno embed code is approximately 200 bytes, which is less than 1KB.
  • The javascript file that is loaded asynchronously pulls from CloudFlare's worldwide edge servers enabling fast & close deliveries. It is a minified JS file, gzipped and is only 30KB.

Tip: Website load speed does not correlate with Justuno content. But we always recommend using optimized images in your Justuno designs for quicker rendering. Click here to learn more about Justuno's Image Guidelines.


Last updated: 05/16/2024