Design Studio - Typography

In this Justuno knowledge base article, we will cover the available options under the Typography tab.

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Accessing Typography
Typography Inputs

Last updated: 01/22/2024


Accessing Typography

While working on a design, Typography can be found by clicking a container and navigating to the Typography section on the right-hand side menu. This area allows you adjust the font, format and all other text inputs within the selected container.


Typography Inputs

Font - the main typeface style.

Format - select between your saved heading styles.

Weight - boldness of the text.

Size -  physical size of the text.

Height - text container height.

Color - text color. 

Align - alignment of text (left, right, center, fill).

Decoration - cross out, underline or over-line.

Spacing - gapping between letters.

Indent - add indentation.

Capitalize - all uppercase, titlecase or lowercase.

Italicize - add italic typeface styling.

Direction - Invert the typing direction.