Workflow Template - Anonymous Visitor Email + SMS Capture

This article provides guidelines on how to add & set up one of Justuno's most popular use cases.

At a glance:

What is the Anonymous Visitor Email + SMS Capture?
Before You Go Live

Last updated: 06/26/2024


What is the Anonymous Visitor Email + SMS Capture?

The majority of website visitors are 'window shoppers' and will bounce without making a purchase. The Anonymous Visitor Email + SMS Capture targets new/unidentified visitors with an incentive in exchange for their email and or phone number. This influences purchasing and retention - even if visitors do not convert on their initial visit, retaining visitor info (i.e. email or SMS) allows you to grow your leads for future marketing campaigns. Lead capture and list growth are integral to any e-commerce business strategy.

The Anonymous Visitor Email + SMS Capture is comprised of three key steps: 

  1. Email Capture (email opt-in)
  2. SMS Capture (phone number opt-in)
  3. Thank You (reward)

Click here to access this template. If prompted, make sure you are logged into your Justuno account.



Before You Go Live

Once you've added the Anonymous Visitor Email + SMS Capture workflow template to your account, you must update the following before going live:

Update Design

  1. Inside the Workflow Builder, click on the Design step to reveal the design step module. Click Edit to enter the Design Studio.

  2. Inside the Design Studio, you can select any element on the design canvas to reveal a plethora of customization inputs for that specific element. We recommend updating the text copy and the image to reflect your website branding.
  3. Click on the Frames icon located in the left menu to reveal all the subsequent steps in this design. Repeat 'Step 2' from above on all the following frames - SMS Capture, Thank You, Claim Offer Tab.

  4. Lastly, we need to add our Discount Code(s). On both the SMS Capture frame and Thank You frame you will find a Discount Code element. Select the Discount Code element and navigate over to the Settings tab on the right side menu (indicated by gear icon). Here you will find a drop-down menu labeled Available Discounts. Search or add the discount you would like to display.

  5. Your Design is all set - Publish the design (top right) and click the back button (top left) to return to the Workflow Builder.

Sync to App

  1. Now that your design is ready. You will need to snyc your design with your marketing stack. This will allow Justuno to push the information captured in your design (i.e. email and SMS) to a third-party application of your choice. Click the Sync an app button on your design to reveal the sync to app module.

  2. All of your connected integrations can be accessed from this module. To add a new integration, click on Manage Your Apps. To connect to an existing integration, click on Add next to the desired application - you will also be prompted to select a list within that application. 
  3. Double-check everything, click on Publish then Go Live and you're all set!

Update Enrollment Trigger (optional)

Your enrollment trigger controls the target audience for your workflow. By default, the Anonymous Visitor Email + SMS Capture targets:

  • All unidentified visitors

You can update/modify this by clicking into the Enrollment Trigger step revealing the Workflow Enrollment module.