Website Behavior Conditions

In this Support Article, we will cover the available Website Behavior Conditions

At a glance:

Last updated: 9/22/2022


Below are the conditions populated in every website account once the account is created. All users will have access to these conditions by selecting the "website behavior conditions" category within a workflow If/Then branch, or Enrollment trigger, as well as the segment conditions section.




The method a visitor takes to get to your website.

Current URL

The current page a visitor is on.

Landing URL

The page a visitor landed on.

Source URL

An external URL for the page a visitor is going to.

Referring URL

An external URL the visitor clicked through to your website.


The number of times a visitor has been on your website.

Page Views

The amount of pages viewed on your website.

Page Scroll

The distance a visitor has scrolled down a page on your website.


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