Design Studio: Setting up a spin to win promotion

This Justuno article will cover how to set up Justuno's Spin to Win feature with discount codes for your designs.

At a glance:
Gamification buyer philosophy
Slice Settings


Make opting into your email or SMS list fun for website visitors with a variety of different games to motivate participation and encourage engagement.  You can use the Justuno Spin to Win to make ordinary calls-to-action more interesting and fun so that shoppers will engage without feeling overly-pressured.


Gamification buyer philosophy

Let's discuss sales conversion optimization with respect to gamification.  As conversion experts, we get asked about the legality of these types of games.  While we can't give you legal advice and always suggest that you consult with an attorney, we can tell you what works to increase sales conversions and contrarily, what common mistakes people make that reduce sales conversions.

What TO do:

  • Offer prizes people want and make sure the at least the majority of possible prizes offered are compelling enough.
  • Show the Spin to Win and email and/or mobile phone on the same screen where the submit button for the form also spins the wheel.  i.e. [ Submit and Spin ]
    Show the Spin to Win 
  • Auto apply any discount codes given to the cart.
  • Only allow the best prizes to be won.

What NOT TO do:

  • Don't require an SMS field to be filled out to spin the wheel for legality reasons.
  • Don't offer gift cards unless you can give it to them instantly for use.
  • Don't let people win the smaller prizes.
  • Don't offer too many winning options.  We suggest 4-6 only.

Slice Settings

Spin to Wins are broken into slices.  Each slice has it's own settings that determine the following:
  • Text or Image content
  • Winning probability weight
  • Discount to win
  • Winning Actions

Let's use the general goal most