Install Justuno on Google Tag Manager

Covers how to add Justuno snippets to your Google Tag Manager


  1. Open a browser, log in to your Google Tag Manager account and create, or select the Container for adding Justuno into.
    step_1log in to google tag manager
  2. Click “New Tag”, select the pencil icon and click “Custom HTML Tag”

step2-13html button


3. Paste the Justuno embed code into the field provided, and click the pencil icon for triggering the section.


choose trigger


4. Set the GTM tag firing rules to “All Pages” and click “Save”.



For our Conversion tracking code, you can take the steps below.

  1. Start by taking the first three actions from the above steps again, as a new setup. Instead of adding the embed code, you will add the conversion code. This code must be edited to your site's requirements.
  2. Once you have the code entered, just like the embed code, you must indicate the pages this should trigger for. In this case, you will select Page View as the Trigger type.
  3. For the Trigger fires on the area, you will want to select Some Page Views.

  4. You can then select the Page URL options as well as contains, and then add the page portion tied to your post-purchase/thank-you page. These tend to me under thank-you/order-confirmation. 

configure trigger


  1. Save your Container changes and then click the publish option that appears on the dashboard in GTM.

The video below will help demonstrate.


how to video

Embedding on checkout:

  1. You must have access to the checkout section on your platform for this to work.
  2. Simply take the same steps as the general embed but target the checkout page.

If using Shopify, It is required to use the route below and then add in the specific pages with our embed code. This checkout embed process with Shopify is only for Shopify Plus accounts.
Shopify GTM Install.


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