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Advanced Uses for Deny Cookies Click Action

In the ever evolving world of data privacy and consumer data rights, Justuno has made it easy to communicate with your website or other installed apps with regards to data opt-out requests.

At a glance:
Alerting website and other apps from Justuno's cookie banner
Tell Justuno to stop tracking from another app

Alert other apps when Justuno cookie consent is rejected

Disable non-Justuno related cookies and tracking by listening to a custom event emitted when a Justuno button with the action of deny cookies is clicked.

It's common to use Justuno for your cookie consent banner needs but ultimately you want the denied consents to automatically disable all your non essential cookies and trackers.  So Justuno created this custom event that is emitted when the button is clicked which fires in the top window scope.  

window.addEventListener("message", (event) => {
if (event.data === "_jst_unsubscribe") {
// do something here. Ex: disable other tracker services and delete cookies

Tell Justuno to stop tracking the visitor session from other apps

Disable and delete Justuno's cookies and tracking by calling the falling javascript on your website.  Justuno will stop tracking the visitor for the remainder of the visitor session.

It's common to use other apps to display cookie banners.  The goal though is for that app to affectively disable all non essential cookies and tracking across all your other apps for that visitor session if the visitor chooses to opt-out.  Justuno has made it easy for any app to tell it to stop tracking.